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About Ashley

Hi! I'm Ashley, co-founder of the Bent Biblios Podcast and Blog.  I am a wife, scrapbooker, amateur photographer, gamer and also a cat mom to the most mischievous and adorable rescue cat, Pinecone.  You will occasionally see him on our Instagram and the Blog.

My love of books runs deep, and they are the one thing that has been constant throughout my life.  They were there for me when I was little and suffered the loss of a parent, when I went to school and didn't quite fit in, when I got to college and needed an escape and as an adult - I just don't feel like myself if I don't have a book on the go.  My personal library at home is extensive, and always in need of a good reorganization.  

My reading preferences are, like Tegan's, all over the place.  My most picked up genres are Thrillers and Spooky Middle Grade, but I love Romance, Non-Fiction, Horror, Historical Fiction.  You would be hard pressed to find a genre that I don't enjoy.  Also, I am a physical book reader! I do enjoy audiobooks as I listen to them before bed (and no, I don't fall asleep while listening)!  I will read on my Kindle if I must, but I do not reach for it very often.

What can you expect from me on the blog?  Author Interviews, reading 'day in the lives', book reviews, recommendation lists and bookish lifestyle things that I am passionate about.  I can't wait to share more about my love of books with you here on the Blog.

Photo Credit: Lori Beneteau Photography

About Tegan

I'm Tegan, the Ginger counterpart of the Bent Biblios Podcast and Blog.  Mom of two kiddos, cat mom of three delightful furballs (because four wouldl be too much, right?  Right?!  Please say yes or I may head back to the adoption fair at the pert store).   


I've escaped into books for as long as I can remember.  Until I had babies and sleep deprivation kicked in.  Longest reading slump so far!  When Ashley asked me if I would start a book podcast with her, I knew it would be the kick in the pants I needed to find a way back to all of my old friends - and, to be honest, myself.   


Like my taste in music, my reading preferences are all over the place.  I'm not kidding.  If you looked at my Spotify or my book shelf, you would think at least ten different people from ten different generations had a party and then an existential crisis.  To sum up, I watch true crime while I do my makeup in the morning and listen to Jane Austen audiobooks before bed to relax.  And sometimes I watch more true crime before I fall asleep because that makes complete sense. 


What can you expect from me on the Blog?  Some book reviews, some research dumps on historical backstories of briefly mentioned figures or places in novels that I couldn't stop thinking about, interviews with authors, and whatever I'm in the mood to get bookish about!  I hope you enjoy!

Photo Credit: Lori Beneteau Photography

About Bent Biblios

Tegan and Ashley met over a decade ago while both working in a local bookstore, and have shared friendship and a deep love of books ever since.  Bent Biblios was born during the pandemic as they deeply missed interacting with authors and other booklovers at in person events.  They decided to create their own "events" of sorts - conversing with authors, book lovers and each other about books, trends, publishing and more through their podcast.  They have had the opportunity to speak with some of their dream authors, and they take pride in doing their best to help promote and share books that they love, both on their podcast and through their blog and Instagram (@bent.biblios.podcast).  Podcasts go up every other Friday with the occasional bonus episode, and blog posts go up every Tuesday.

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